The following books and booklets are available from NONC.

Birds of the North Okanagan: Checklist & Status, $3.00 at meetings, $5.00 by mail.
Compiled by Chris Siddle, this booklet provides a comprehensive list of birds that have been observed in the North Okanagan, including the months when they might be seen. The booklet is also great for your own local birdlist.

North Okanagan Flowering Plants & Shrubs, $3.00 at meetings, $5.00 by mail.
Written by Margaret Hubble and Hylda Mayfield, this booklet is a checklist, to record the flowering plants and shrubs you observe. Details include scientific and common names, habitat and colour.

A Guide to the Natural History of Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, $10.00 at meetings, $15.00 by mail.
Published in 1986 by the North Okanagan Naturalists’ Club, this book was compiled from the writings of several NONC members, looking at the plants, animals and geology of the park. Illustrations were also done by NONC members. Most of its content is still current. In 2011 Kal Park celebrated its 25th anniversary, so this book is a popular keepsake.

The Okanagan Valley Birding Trail
$5.00 at meetings, $8.00 by mail.
This book saw a collaborative effort of the naturalists’ clubs of the Okanagan. It was published in 2009. Listed are 64 recommended birding sites in the Okanagan.


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